Hi, my name is Youri Lefers.

I am 19 years old at the moment and life in the Netherlands. I started learning programming languages in around 2009-2010, because I thought school was boring at that time and wanted to learn something. A friend of mine started a few weeks earlier and he tought me all kinds of stuff.

I started programming in a basic but cool language called 'AutoIt'. It's a simple but very intuitive language for automating stuff in Microsoft Windows. After this I started learning C#. This was my first mayor language to learn. I created some little programs like 'Minecraft Auto Backup'. After some time a friend of mine started building websites and I wanted that to, so I started learning the basics of the web. HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, I studied them all. After I bought myself my first Android based phone, I thought: hey, I can learn that too! I'm learning Java for a couple of years now. I think it's a really cool languages with lot's of nice features (especially Java 8!).

After some time I found myself a job at X-IP. This company was founded in 2012 in Enschede. It's a small business with around 4 employees and some freelancers. At X-IP we create websites, web applications and mobile application. At X-IP we use Drupal 7 as CMS for all of our websites. It's an ideal system I think. We recently started using AngularJS for our mobile applications. AngularJS is a Javascript framework. In combination with PhoneGap we're able to create great mobile applications.

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